About Cygnets

Having heard the phrase “I wish I had known that when I started my business” Cygnets was born.
Giving new business owners such as yourself, all the basic information to run a business; helping to build strong foundations for your business future.

The Background of Cygnets

A Cygnet is a baby Swan. When you start your business, a Cygnet is born.

The Cygnets Programme is brought to you by a group of likeminded business people - who really wish they had more support when they started their companies.

Starting a business is so easy - you have a solution to a problem, a service to fit a need, a product to make things easier.

You get your first clients and it seems like it is all plain sailing.

But then you hear about HMRC. You need a bank account. You think about an 'invoice'. How did you decide on the price of your time and effort?

This is where you are now maturing into a Swan, or a fledgeling - if you wanted to keep with the wildlife analogy...

This is where Cygnets comes in

Many new businesses collapse within their first 2 years, the Cygnets programme is a launch accelerator to build strong foundations for growth.

When you think about how your business goes from its first few clients to an expanding entity - the Cygnets Programme will have been there to give you the best possible foundation for that expediential growth.

We'll make sure you understand the foundation principles of business, even supporting you when the going gets tough. With our programme, you'll be poised to take your business from ground floor to skyscraper.

The package can be tailored to match any stage of a start-up from legal registrations and incorporations to the end of your first financial year.

The full package is accessed via our website & Microsoft Teams and will guide you through all you need to develop your business. You can work your way through from beginning to end or dip in and out, gaining information as you need it.

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