Cygnets - What is it?
Cygnets is a programme for new start-ups, providing support to help them grow on strong foundations.
Got a business idea?
Let Cygnets help you to develop it into a successful business!
Started a new business?
Within the first-year new businesses have to spend a lot of time producing the product / service they are offering. The Cygnets programme ensures that the admin & back-office tasks are also in place to support this business!
Your new business is growing fast – need help to expand?
As your takings increase you can’t do it all yourself. Cygnets can help with back-office work, act as a payroll bureau and streamlining your activity.
Why Cygnets?
One stop shop for advice and support (all included in the price)!
• Back-office admin
• Accounting software
• Industry specialists
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Businesses launch every day, but many of these start-ups fail to succeed.

Cygnets is a programme for new start-ups, providing support to help them grow on strong foundations. The Cygnets programme shares experience and guidance with start-ups to create a strong business from the ground up, facilitating a seamless transition from start-up to the growth phase.

Having heard the phrase “I wish I had known that when I started my business” Cygnets was born. Giving new business owners such as yourself, all the basic information to run a business; helping to build strong foundations for your business future.

Make good use of your time

Cygnets can be tailored to you

As a new business owner, you cannot be expected to know everything. Cygnets is a package to build the foundations of your business. You can choose to learn in a way that suits you. Assess your business, not just create a product or service.

Is your business legal?

Complying with HMRC, Companies House & ICO.

Understanding how to register your business. The legal requirements for businesses in England & Wales. Avoiding fines and charges. Protect you and your business.

We are here to help!

The Cygnets Programme comes with built in support to help your business succeed.

Help to understand your business and develop the concept. Guidance with business plans, financial forecasting and ensuring long-term viability. Keep the business administration under control, while you run the front of house.

Financial guidance

Many new businesses fail, because they don’t fully understand the back-office requirements.

Ensure that your invoices are sufficient to cover your costs. What records need to be kept? What can I claim against the business? What are the hidden costs of being my own business owner? Do I need accountancy software and if so, which one?